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A-Set specializes in high quality microscopic setting of diamonds and coloured gemstones in high end jewellery. The precision of the microscope allows us to ensure all stones are set in the correct position; flat and without touching one another. We regularly research new tools and new techniques, combining a high level of craftmanship with modern knowledge.

Our aim is to give a world class look to all your finished pieces.

The details of our craft are not well known to the general public. In our stonesetting section, we explain the importance of good stonesetting and the distinction between high quality and lower quality work. An overview of styles and techniques rounds off the general information.

The gallery contains pictures and manufacturing comments on several jewellery items we made.

Visit our shop to view the items we sell to professional and amateur jewellery creators and to the general public.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about stonesetting, jewellery manufacture or jewellery repair. We hope you find this site informative.